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I’m an artist and storyteller working primarily in production (narrative/commercial/documentary for film and TV), fine art and documentary photography and recently expanding into live art/music production. I received my BA at Cal State Northridge (Film), then several later completed my MFA in producción artística y investigación from Universitat de Barcelona from. Since then have been based in New Orleans, traveling the US and internationally continuing the development of my client list and portfolio. 

I’ve always had a passion for the cinema, and as such, my perspective has typically favored the cinematic.  I like to think of my image creation process as similar to the structure of jazz music- frequently spontaneous, though wholly intentional. I’m an observer behind the lens. My images are honest yet cinematic; "fine art photojournalism" is my preferred term.


​​ The foundations of my visual storytelling are reflection and perspective. My work is the proverbial mirror held for all of us to catch glimpses of ourselves in moments of naked humanity.​

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